One Can USA

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One Can USA
March 30, 2017 Portfolio Github Pages GIMP Landing Page PayPal YouTube
One Can USA v0 was designed through Godaddy’s WYSIWYG but it wasn’t responsive on mobile devices and lacked the professional appearance that would be expected by investors and consumers. v1 is where I came in and provided a design around heavily editing Pixelarity’s Slate template. Since it was hosted on Github pages, third party mail-form processing through was used to overcome static site limitations. Later that year, the customer facing URL was changed to for memorability and to avoid confusion of the end user typing “#” instead of “hashtag” into the web address. One Can USA was adapted from Gleesik’s Sera design and Hashtag One Can was converted to a landing/redirect page (based on Pixelarity’s Identity) to educated the consumer on the URL change and get them to the right place. Mail-form processing was migrated to Simple Form at this time as well.

One Can USA Website
Hashtag One Can v0 Website
Hashtag One Can v1 Website
Hashtag One Can v2 Website / Redirect
Pixelarity: Slate-HTML
Pixelarity: Identity-HTML
Gleesik: Sera-HTML