Denver Regional Subway

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Denver Regional Subway

Wait? Is Denver getting a Subway? No, not at all. I was clicking around Kickstarter and ran across the Albuquerque Subway Poster. The poster became my inspiration as I had wanted to play around with Adobe Illistrator or being a big open source proponent, Inkscape in my case. Knowing zero about the product or how to use it; I watched YouTube videos, read through the site’s tutorials and did lots of Googling before coming up with the end result. For my Kickstarter video I used Kazam Screencast. The DRS website was originally written in Jekyll but then moved to WordPress in June of 2018 as my first WP site to use Gutenberg and WP Block Party blocks.

Denver Regional Subway
DRS Kickstarter
DRS Making of Video

Jekyll Version

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    Denver Regional Subway Jekyll