This site as with some of my referenced projects (not client sites) are in various phases of improvement and completion. If something doesn’t link or look right, it’s because I’m tearing it down in full or in part and rebuilding it; better, stronger,...

Google Data Studio Reports

  Through trial and error I have a comfortable grasp on Google Data Studio Reports. I know it goes so much deeper then I have gone. I personally believe everyone should be either providing or receiving some type of analytic report. Google Data Studio Reports just...

Avocado Tree Seeds

Designed through third party software as an example of a simple eCommerce site for evening entrepreneurs. Stripe used as the credit card processor. It really works too; place and order and I’ll mail you and Avocado Tree Seed! Avocado Tree Seeds

Capta1n Mustard

Designed through third party software for my son’s YouTube channel. Inkscape used to modify CC01 images into custom icons. Be sure to like, subscribe, comment and share. Capta1n Mustard

Atom CSS

This project was started after completing a website design that needed to be 100% HTML5/CSS3 and could not use any external sources like Twitter Bootstrap. There was no mobile responsive requirement so making the grid involved auto-height rows with percentage based...