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Self taught and still learning.... Google, YouTube, WP Beginner, Stack Overflow; these are but a few of my favorite things. Varying expires with; Frameworks: Genesis and Divi Page Builders: Beaver Builder, Divi, Gutenberg, Elementor, and Ark Plug Ins: All In One SEO...


Current: Marketing Engineer: Support clients through multiple channels regarding their website maintenance, email marketing campaigns, social medial post, blog articles, in-house gift certificate solution, analytics, SEO, and domain management including DNS. Act as...

Capta1n Mustard

Designed through third party software for my son’s YouTube channel. Inkscape used to modify CC01 images into custom icons. Be sure to like, subscribe, comment and share. Capta1n Mustard

Atom CSS

This project was started after completing a website design that needed to be 100% HTML5/CSS3 and could not use any external sources like Twitter Bootstrap. There was no mobile responsive requirement so making the grid involved auto-height rows with percentage based...

Facebook Blueprint

Working on the All Content Learning Path as time permits. Picking up some tidbits here and there. Facebook Blueprint

Denver Regional Subway

Wait? Is Denver getting a Subway? No, not at all. I was clicking around Kickstarter and ran across the Albuquerque Subway Poster. The poster became my inspiration as I had wanted to play around with Adobe Illistrator or being a big open source proponent, Inkscape in...

One Can USA

One Can USA March 30, 2017 Portfolio Github Pages GIMP Landing Page PayPal YouTube One Can USA HashtagOneCan.com v0 was designed through Godaddy’s WYSIWYG but it wasn’t responsive on mobile devices and lacked the professional appearance that would be expected by...

More Jekyll & GitHub Pages

I went on a short bender of Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Wikipedia and stock photos. More of a visually creative thing but they turned out well so here they are. The Sandia Mountains - Pixelarity’s Big Picture was a design I had previously wanted to create a demo...

Confirm Network

Wanting to try my hand at some AMPhtml, this was the perfect use case as I regularly ran into the situation during my years of cellular support. Customers would get a 'page can not be displayed' or a time out error in their apps and by directing them to this website,...

Case Studies

Samantha’s Pet Sitting Service started when Samantha moved to Denver after her youngest left for college, she decide to start her own pet sitting service instead of working for a vet again. She had done occasional pet sitting for extra cash and could get some...

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